GenCloth is a 3D toolkit and data set archive for generative garment design. The ambition of the project is to empower local fashion designers with 3D software toolkits for rapid client customization in order to grow local talent, local economies, and local demand for bespoke clothing. This project began as an idea in 2013 after 3d scanning the bodies of 150 people in Barcelona and discovering the wonderful and rich diversity in each of those bodies. The challenge was to design a simple software system that would encompass the process to create a bespoke garment from the initial client measurements or body scan to the final flat garment pattern pieces. After utilizing this process in practice and with real clients for several, the project won a sub grant from the WEAR Sustain EU H2020 Funded project for further development. The main objective of the project development during the grant is to lower the barrier to entry by creating a simple toolkit, create a community around the tools, and create open data sets to enrich the process of generative garment design.